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Welcome to Class 3's webpage where you can have a look at some of the exciting things we have been learning. 

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Summer 2 2017: Picture This!

Wednesday 5 July: Celebrating Work Assembly

Along with Class 4, we performed "Tingalayo" on the ukulele for the school and our families.  Thank you to Mr Rossiter for teaching us this year.  Have a listen to our performance below,

29 June 2017: Whole School Trip to Canon Hall Farm

Despite the grey skies, we had a fantastic day out at Canon Hall Farm, near Barnsley.  We had a guided tour of the working farm and saw a variety of animals, including llamas, piglets, Shetland ponies, goats and even a reindeer.  Take a look at the photos below.  How many different animals can you spot?

We watched an exciting sheep and ferret race, as well as stroking a huge rabbit called Chewie (short for Chewbacca).

The farm also had a great adventure playground where we played until it was time to head back to school.  You can see how much fun we had in the photos below.

Have you ever visited the coast?  Britain has the most amazing and diverse coastline.   We'll be finding out lots this half term about what you might find at the coast and why the British coast is so varied.  You can find out more and complete some activities here.

Take a look at this clip of the Scottish artist Joan Eardley who was inspired by the sea, especially when it was at its most stormy.

Summer 1 2017: Picture This!

Friday 12 May: Visit to the Gurdwara Singh Sabha

As part of our learning about Sikhism, Class 3 spent a fascinating morning at the Gurdwara (the Sikh place of worship).  Narinder, our guide, showed us the prayer hall where we were able to see the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy book).  As it was a Friday when we visited, there was an Akhand Path taking place.  The Guru Granth Sahib is read in 48 hours and it is a spiritual and happy time.  Even though we didn't understand what was being read, we felt really peaceful listening to the words.  Narinder also played a sarod for us and we all had a try at turban tying.  At the end of the morning, we were invited into the langar where we shared delicious onion bhajis.  We were made to feel really welcome at the Gurdwara and learned a lot about Sikh values and the way Sikhs live their lives.  Thank you to our parent helpers: Mr Gray, Mrs Nicholls, Mrs Ritson and Mrs Scott. 

We've got a busy half term ahead of us and have begun by looking closely at different pieces of art.  Can you spot the only woman in Seurat's painting "Bathers at Asineres"?  Who stands out in this painting?  Why?  Why might someone want to buy this painting? 

Have you got a favourite toy?  Over 5000 years ago, the amazing Ancient Sumerians invented the first games and toys, including the first super hero (Gilgamesh).  Every day you are using something that the Sumerians first invented! 

You can find out more about the "cradle of civilization" and play some Ancient Sumerian games here.

How many parts of the plant can you name?  The life of a flowering plant has a cycle.  Flowers come from seeds, and they create seeds too. Each different part of the plant has a unique purpose.

Watch David Attenborough explain how some plants make sure their seeds are dispersed in order to create new plants.  Take a look at this stunning footage!

Spring 2 2017: In Someone Else's Shoes

On Friday 31 March, we led worship and really enjoyed performing for the school and our families. Our assembly was jam-packed with all our learning this half term, including the story of Joseph from the Old Testament, living things and their habitats, a performance of Benjamin Zephaniah's poem about equality and even conjunctions!  We performed a short play about evacuees and everyone joined in with singing a song from World War Two!

This half term, we have been lucky to have a coach from Leeds Rhinos helping us develop our rugby skills.  We have worked hard to improve at throwing and catching the ball, as well as intercepting passes.  Below are a few photos of us in action!

Being able to stand in somebody else's shoes and see the world through their eyes is something we are going to think about this half term.  Harper Lee, the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" wrote “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”  Learning about the experiences of children during World War II will help us to understand what it might have been like to be evacuated to the country, to go without certain foods (because of rationing) or to survive the Blitz. 

The three posters below would have been seen in Great Britain during the war.  How do they make you feel?

You can find out more about life for children in World War II here.


Spring 1 2017: Lights, Camera, Action II

Thursday 9 February: Class Dynamix

Class 3 was lucky to have singer songwriter Danny Gough working with us today.  He taught us his song about friendship and standing up to bullying.  We will be performing the song, along with six other schools in the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership, at Boston Spa School on Wednesday 22 February.  Take a look at our rehearsal photos for a preview of what we will be performing in two weeks time!

Take a look at our amazing aluminium foil sculptures, inspired by the British artist, Antony Gormley.  We were aiming to show the body in different postures just as Antony Gormley did in these works of art.

Related image

As part of our theme this half term, we are studying film versions of CS Lewis's classic book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."  Since its publication in 1950, there have been film, theatre and even cartoon productions of this story.  Reading the book will also give us the chance to compare a director's vision with the original tale.

You can watch the trailer for the 2005 film version below.

Autumn 2 2016: Enquiring Minds

Take a look at our fantastic work in Design and Technology this half term.  We have designed, planned and made nutritious drinks or smoothies for our "customer", taking into account their preferences in taste and texture.  We also designed a bright and attractive carton for our product.  Making the drinks was great fun and they all tasted delicious!

As part of our topic on the Stone Age, we created our own cave art.  Although no ancient cave paintings have been found in Britain (yet!), they are found throughout Europe and are an important record for historians learning about prehistoric life.  We looked at the cave paintings found in France and then attempted to create our own using sandpaper, twigs, feathers and fingers!  Paints were made from natural rocks and minerals so we could only use red, black, yellow, white and brown.  In attempting to record an ancient message, we also had to draw ancient animals.  Can you work out what messages we have painted?

Monday 28 November: To help us with our science topic of Nutrition, Skeletons and Muscles, Class 3 was lucky to have a visit from Mr Nicholls.  It was great to have a doctor help us with our learning.  He taught us more about the human skeleton and muscles and was able to answer our questions such as, 'How many muscles do we have?' (600-800) and 'Is every bone useful?' (Yes!).  We were able to look carefully at a real life humerus, femur, backbone and skull!  It was a really interesting morning.

Thursday 24 November: As part of our Stone Age history topic, Class 3 had a fantastic day of learning at the Hull and East Riding Museum.  We were shown the Stone Age exhibits by Dan, who also helped us investigate the three eras of the Stone Age - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.  In four groups, we explored a collection of exciting objects, linked to Stone Age technology and food.  This helped us to understand that early man was quite sophisticated and thought beyond pure survival.  We then had a chance to look around some of the other exhibits in the museum, including an Iron Age village, a Bronze Age boat as well as a woolly mammoth!  We learned a lot during this exciting and fun day.  A special thank you to our parent helpers: Mrs Hill, Mrs Long, Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Spence.

New Product Development!  As part of our Design and technology learning, we invented some new drinks and named them too.  We then tasted and rated them.  Next week, we'll analyze our results which will help us design our own nutritious drinks before Christmas.  Watch this space!



Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist, said "I have no special talents.  I'm only passionately curious."  This half term, we are going to follow in his footsteps by asking lots of questions.  Sometimes the answers will be simple.  Sometimes there may not even be an answer! 

We are going to be curious about the human body, including our skeleton, muscles and nutrition.  Take a look at Cookie Monster singing the praises of healthy food.  As you listen, can you sort the food into the different food groups?


We're also going to be finding out about life in the Stone Age.  This period in history is divided into three parts: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.  Watch the Horrible Histories clip below to find out more.

Autumn 1 2016: Where in the World?

This half term we have been lucky to have Louise coaching us in tennis.  She has been helping us with our forehands, backhands, volleys and serves.  Below are some photos of us in action, trying out best to play in true Murray style!  Perhaps, at the end of this year, Britain will have a player ranked Number 1 in the world!

On Friday 14 October, we took part in a Football Festival at Boston Spa.  Leeds Utd coaches led some practice sessions where we worked hard at our throwing, dribbling and movement.  At the end of the afternoon, we played some small team games.  Despite the chilly weather, we had a great time and improved our football skills.

In Art, we have made some collages which were inspired by the Parable of the Sower which Jesus told to a large crowd.  In the parable, a man sowed some corn.  Some fell on rocky ground where it could not grow.  Some fell along the path where the birds ate it.  Some fell among thorn bushes which choked the plants.  But some of the seed grew in good soil.  The plants grew and there was a good harvest.  Christians believe that God is the sower and the seed is his message.  Some people hear God's message but forget about Him.  Some people try to follow God but give up when trouble comes their way.  Some people become too busy with their lives.  But other people are like the seed in the good soil; they hear God's message, follow God and live for Him. 

In our pictures, we used different types of seeds and pulses, as well as barley and corn.  Take a look at our fabulous art work below.

We've started the new term, and the new school year, by thinking about the spread of Christianity around the world.  The Christian Church is bigger than you think!  Over the 2000 years since Jesus chose his small band of disciples in the Roman province of Judea, it has grown into a family of over 2 billion believers, who today can be found in every country of the world.  Take a look at the clip from "The Miracle Maker" which shows how Jesus chose fishermen, especially Peter, to help him teach God's message.

To link with our thinking about different places, we are reading

Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin.


It tells the story of two children, Neetu and Sanjay, and what happens when their incredible grandpa from India comes to stay


Listen to the actor Sanjeev Bhaskar read the beginning of the book HERE.