Class 5

Welcome to our class page for 2016/17.  Here you can find out about what we are learning in class and some of the activities we are enjoying in school.  If you want to see our archived Class 5 page for 2015/16, please click HERE

Cinderella & Rockerfella

We are busy preparing for our summer production - Cinderella & Rockerfella.  Will Cinders find her Prince Charming?  Will the Fairy Brigade prove they are capable of ditching their wellies and earning their wings?  Find out at 7pm on 12 and 13 June.  

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Summer 2017: Picture This

Throughout the summer term, we will use an artistic theme in the topic 'Picture This'.  Pieces of art work will be used throughout the half term to inspire our work.  We will learn how to 'read' images as we study them in closer detail.  

Year 6 children are also in the final stages of their preparations for SATs tests which take place from Monday 8th May to Thursday 11thMay.

Spring 2 2017: In Someone Else's Shoes

This half term, we are focusing our learning around the theme of 'In Someone Else's Shoes'.  Through this theme we will explore the values empathy and compassion.  One of the main ways we will explore this theme is through the book Private Peaceful.  We will use it to inspire our work in English, particularly focusing on understanding the actions and motivations of different characters and writing in role as characters from the story.

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Spring 1 2017: Lights, Camera, Action II: The Theme Strikes Back

Back by by popular demand is our theme 'Lights, Camera, Action' but this time even bigger and better than before!  We will be using film to provide inspiration in a wide variety of subjects, particularly English.  We have already begun composing some fabulous writing based on The Piano by Aiden Gibbons, and we will also use Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to inspire our non-fiction writing.  Keep an eye out for the premieres of the Class 5 film trailers and also our musical compositions to accompany sections of film.  Along with Class 4, we will also be visiting the National Media Museum in Bradford where we will watch a fantastic film in the IMAX cinema and also complete an animation workshop.   

Class 5 Film Trailers

Through this half term, we have been busy planning and filming trailers using the iMovie app on the iPads.  Each group has taken an aspect of the school routine and and exaggerated it so that it is dramatic, humorous or both.

Here is a selection of our films.


On Thursday 26 January 2017, along with Class 4, we visited the National Media Museum in Bradford to find out more about film and animation.  We enjoyed the exhibitions: finding out about the development of games machines and animated graphics in the Games Lounge; learning about the history of different types of animation in the Animation Gallery; having fun with mirrors, lights and images in The Magic Factory; and finding out about the history of television in Experience TV!  We all enjoyed the thrills of getting up close to the huge screen for the showing of Walking with Dinosaurs in the IMAX cinema! The huge list of credits at the end showed just how many people are involved and how labour intensive it is to make an animated film!  We spent the last part of the afternoon learning about animation and making our own films - animating Plasticine!  It was A Grand Day Out!

Autumn 2 2016: Enquiring Minds

This half term we are aiming to develop our questioning, research and investigative skills in our topic Enquiring Minds.  We will be engaging with some 'big questions', particularly those thought up by the children.  In English, we are using the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as an inspiration for the concepts that we will cover.  

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We will also celebrating and sharing the work we have covered this half term when we lead worship on 1st December.  

Maths Games and Activities  

Here are some links to webpages with maths games and activities that will help with your learning at home. 

Autumn 1 2016: Where in the World?


Our whole school theme is 'Where in the World?' and much of our work will link to this theme, particularly in English, geography, RE and art & design.  Our class novel for this half term is 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverly Naidoo.  The story is set in South Africa in the 1980s and explores the themes of injustice and discrimination through the eyes of sister and brother, Naledi and Tiro as they search for their mother and try to save their baby sister.  

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