eSafety Updates

14.06.2018 Information about how to set up parental controls for various gaming consoles. 

NINTENDO SWITCH           PLAYSTATION          XBOX ONE              XBOX 360             NINTENDO Wii U             NINTENDO 3DS

25.04.2017 safeguarding alert re Blue Whale app which encourages users of the app to self-harm.

25.04.2017: Safeguarding alert re Yellow which is a dating app for teens in which users swipe profile pictures and can communicate by sending messages/pictures with 'matches' using their Snapchat accounts. There are no checks on the ages of users which could leave children vulnerable to being groomed or to receiving inappropriate photos.

25.04.2017: Information re new app called Woozworld  - a virtual gaming app which allows the user to create users to design their own online realities where they can create their own avatar, do fun quests, set up new virtual spaces, and create their own businesses.  Woozworld is free to join, while only needing to enter a parent's email and their age. Woozworld is free ages 10-16 to join. There is an option to become a VIP for a certain number of months at a cost, either credit card or online cash earned on exterior websites. VIPs can earn virtual "wooz" and "beex"(the virtual currency) and has access to clothing and other items restricted to freeplay members.  All users have access to the "Woozin", a virtual community designed to appear as social media with a comment section and the ability to post and share text. They can "friend" each other, create virtual relationships, and even raise pets.their own fashion themes avatar and do quests.  It has chat facilities and the app has been described as being designed for the ‘tween’ market with the average age of users being between 8 and 14.

26/01/2017: Letter to parents re, Lovoo and apps 

Internet Safety

Visit Leeds Local Safeguarding Children's Board (LSCB) website to find advice about keeping children safe online as well other safeguarding advice for parents and carers.

Safer Internet Day

Visit the Safer Internet Day website for information about this year's online safety campaign.  Parents and carers please click here for a wealth of really useful information for parents and carers about keeping children safe online on the UK Safer Internet Centre website.

Other Internet Safety Resources

Thank you to those who attended our information evening for parents and carers run by D:side.  Parents and carers who came along found the information really useful.  Please download the two documents below for advice on keeping your child safe online:

Parent & Carer Internet Safety Leaflet             D:side tips and advice for keeping your child safe online

It is important that parents and carers are as aware of their children’s ‘online life’ to the same extent as they look out for their child’s behaviour, relationships and interactions with others, and safety in the rest of their child’s life.  Two websites which you might find helpful are:  and  The Thinkuknow site has a wealth of information for parents and carers as well as for children.  The kidsmart site has the SMART rules which we use in school: