Vision Statement

Living and Learning in the Light of God


Lady Elizabeth Hastings’

is a welcoming, safe, fun

and outward-looking school community

in which Christian values are lived out. 

Inspired by a culture of creativity,

coupled with high expectations,

our confident, happy and caring children

are active learners who achieve their best.

School Aims 

We want our children to develop:

  • positive attitudes and approaches to learning, including enquiring minds and independent learning skills;
  • a love of reading;
  • good communication skills both spoken and written;
  • healthy lifestyles and good social and emotional awareness and well-being;
  • agility and physical skills as well as enjoyment of being physically active and participating in sports and games;
  • as responsible citizens and proactive member of their communities;
  • an understanding of faith & spirituality and have the opportunity to develop their own faith and spirituality;
  • sound moral values;
  • respect for others and celebration of diversity;
  • the ability to respond imaginatively, creatively and sensitively to the arts and have the confidence to enjoy opportunities to be creative;
  • skills, knowledge and understanding of numeracy and the ability to apply these to problems and real life;
  • skilful, well-informed and responsible use of ICT;
  • the skills to learn about the world; building upon an initial core of knowledge and understanding and a fired interest in finding out about the past, present and possible future.