"Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path."
(Psalm 119.v105)

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Garden project

Wow! What a transformation! During the Easter, holiday, Claire Bowley (Mum of Eva, Oscar and Amber) has been hard at work alongside so many of our parents redesigning our school garden. A huge thank you to all of our families who have generously contributed both financially and with providing resources which have enhanced the outdoor learning provision in our garden. We would like to extend out thanks in particular to Katie Hutchinson (Georgie and Henry’s mum) as  she has been instrumental in building and creating key resources for the garden and designed our mud kitchens. Everything looks amazing as you can see from the photos below.

As the starting point, Claire developed a rota, which allowed different groups to sign up to visiting the garden in their family bubbles. In this early stage, all of the weeds were removed and the garden space was cleared with a lot of labour intensive hard work! Then, the top soil and compost were added to refurbish the planters and tyres which will be used in our Key Stage 1 Science topic (Plants) this term.

The next step involved creating the herb garden which is an easy way to teach young children how to grow their own food. Many herbs are easy to grow and have fragrant leaves, providing additional interest to young minds. Our willow tunnel needed to be revisited after the effects of a long Winter!  Thankfully, Rebecca Middleton (Arthur and Abe’s mum) was able to apply her artistic skills to ensuring that the willow tunnel was reinstated to its former glory. Thank you Mrs. Middleton!

We were keen that part of the garden was allocated as a Mindfulness Space so Claire has obtained logs and made a small log circle/quiet area with windchimes and colourful spinners which can be used as an area dedicated to reflection and well-being.