"Let your light shine."
(Matthew 5:16)
Living and learning together in the light of God

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Christian Values


Our school’s core Christian values are friendship, compassion, respect and courage and these apply not just to the pupils but to adult conduct and approach to our professional lives. These core values were established through work with all stakeholders.

The School Council used the school’s core values as a basis for the school rules. As a result, pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are of a high standard. Children show care for one another and demonstrate growing empathy as they move through the school.

Christian values are promoted through our half-termly worship themes which are based on Christian values. The school has used Roots and Fruits to support values based worship going forward.

At times, the worship theme has also been our overarching curriculum theme such as: Courage; A Time for Growth; Make a Difference. These themes have given pupils the opportunity to explore Christian values in more depth and see their relevance to the day-to-day lives of Christians.

Displays in school and reflection areas in class, help to make values explicit and part of children’s daily lives.

Staff act as good role models for Christian values in their day-to-day approach to their roles, to the children, to each other and to others in the school community.

Christian values in action are promoted through prayer and charity work for those in need. The school shows ongoing support for the local children’s hospice, Martin House through fundraising; in the past, some individual LEH pupils have undertaken fundraising for this charity through activities they have self-initiated out of school. Members of OUR local community are invited in to see the infant nativity and to have tea and cake and the choir has sung several times for people in the community with Alzheimer’s; The school also responds to international fundraising such as raising money for the people of Nepal through a sponsored skip and supporting Children in Need with annual fundraising events in school.

As a result, children have a good and comprehensive understanding of Christian values and how these apply to their day-to-day lives.