"Let your light shine."
(Matthew 5:16)
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The Curriculum Review @ LEH

Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ CE VA Primary School (LEH) is committed to meeting the statutory requirements of the primary national curriculum which was introduced in September 2014.  We have redesigned our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum’s programmes of study.  Our school curriculum continues to ensure that learning is meaningful; the needs of all learners are considered; and pupils benefit from a specific focus on the core requirements and basic skills of the English and mathematics programmes of study.  Learning in these essentials is developed and strengthened through the foundation subjects.  The way in which the curriculum is structured and delivered at Lady Hastings’ provides a range of opportunities to promote children’s personal and emotional, and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) development.  RE is considered a core subject in our Church of England school and has an important role in conveying the distinctive Christian character of the school and providing high quality opportunities for SMSC development - including learning about Christianity as a global religion and learning about other world faiths.  Our core values of Friendship, Reverence and Courage are explored and promoted throughout the diverse subjects and content of the curriculum.


Thank you to all pupils, staff, papers/carers and governors who contributed to our curriculum survey in November 2018.  It's great to know what you think of the curriculum at LEH! Across all four groups – staff, pupils, parents/carers and governors – the following came out as the words/phrases which best describe the current curriculum at LEH and the ideal curriculum:

Current Curriculum at LEH

Ideal Curriculum

 -          interesting/engaging

-          organised/well planned

 -          balanced

-          challenging

-          supportive

-          exciting

-          relevant

-          spiritual

-          cohesive and connected through whole school themes

-          provides opportunities for personal/social/emotional development


 -          interesting/engaging

-          includes real-life learning

-          balanced

-          organised/well planned    

-          challenging   

-          supportive 

-          exciting

-          inspiring

-          purposeful


  -         provides opportunities forpersonal/social/emotional development


The words/phrases in bold were identified by more than one group.

Responses to the other questions, relating to strengths of the LEH curriculum, how it could be improved and any other comments, were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you! Comments referred to the cohesive nature of the themes, caring nature of the school and variety of subjects, experiences and opportunities across the curriculum. Groups also noted the work staff do to help all children and provide opportunities for them to make decisions and be involved. Areas for improvement included increasing opportunities for real-life links and learning and time spent creatively. It was very lovely to read many of your general comments as well. For further information about the curriculum at LEH, please go to the school website which is usually full of up to date information about life in school.

The information gathered in this survey has been used to inform future curriculum planning, to help us structure our curriculum review and to redraft our curriculum policy. 

Our curriculum is exciting and inspires children to nurture a passion for learning.   We aim to provide contextualised, stimulating, purposeful learning opportunities.

Each half term, curriculum jigsaws will be published on class webpages will provide more detailed information about learning across the curriculum.