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Mathletics Information for Parents


Computers & Tablets

You can access Mathletics via a computer or a tablet which is connected to the internet. The tablet app does not currently have the full availability on it (although it is constantly being upgraded).  

Handbooks & Guides

There are several pdf guide books available on the Mathletics Website written for both parents and pupils. They can all be downloaded. The following are particularly helpful: Parent Introduction Handbook; Getting Started with Mathletics; Live Maths; Live Maths Levels Explained; Mathletics App for Tablets.


Your child has a Mathletics Avatar (cartoon style picture) within the Mathletics website which can be customised. Every bronze certificate earns 100 credits to buy accessories or different outfits for their Avatar in the Mathlete shop.

Parent Log In

You can register to receive a weekly email update on your child(ren)’s activities on the website at www.mathletics.com/parent.  

Mathletics Week

The Mathletics week runs Monday 00.00hrs – Sunday 23.59hrs. During this period, points are accumulated towards the weekly score through completing activities or participating in ‘Live Mathletics’.


  • Activities are grouped into different areas of maths.  Typically there are 10 questions in each activity.
  • Are You Ready exercises are typically shorter and test the general concept covered in the section. Each key theme has a Test, typically with 15 – 25 questions in at the end. In most areas it is possible to expand from the Core topics into Something Easier or Something Harder.
  • Ten points are awarded for every correct answer. Answers can be reviewed at the end of each activity.  You can’t correct a wrong answer; the only way to improve the score is to repeat the whole activity.
  • When you score more than 85% on an activity or test you receive a gold bar. These unlock games in the Problem Solving Puzzle section on the right hand side of the webpage.  

Live Maths

Your child competes against (up to) three players from their class/school/elsewhere in the world/the computer to try and answer as many questions as they can within a one minute time limit. Each level accrues a different number of points; level 1 receives one point per answer, level 10 gains ten points per correct answer. The level your child is playing at is shown on the right hand side of the screen. 

Problem Solving Puzzles, Rainforest Maths & Times Tables Toons

Problem Solving Puzzles are unlocked by your child earning gold bars in the various activities. There are also additional activity sections and songs to help learn times tables and other mathematical concepts.

Gold / Silver / Bronze Certificates

  • Achieving 1000 points in a week earns a Bronze certificate;
  • Once five Bronze certificates have been awarded, a Silver certificate is awarded;
  • Four Silver certificates are needed to get a Gold certificate;
  • All certificates can be printed at home via the website, although Silver and Gold certificates are presented in worship on Thursdays.

Hall of Fame

This is available on the front page of the Mathletics website for Worldwide and UK students. This is the top 100 scores for the current day (00.00hrs – 23.59hrs) and is updated regularly every few minutes.  Getting into the Hall of Fame is a significant effort as typically 2000+ points need to be scored in one day.  There is an individual Hall of Fame and also a Class Hall of Fame. 

Mathlete of the Week

In school, this is awarded to the children with the highest score in KS2 and KS1 to recognise and celebrate strong performance across the school. Also, the Mathletics website randomly selects one child world wide who has earned 1000 points that week.  They are rewarded with a special ‘Mathlete of the Week Trophy’, usually presented in assembly by a representative from Mathletics.

How Much Time Should My Child Spend on Mathletics Each Week?

This is largely dependent on your child and their enjoyment of Mathletics and their age. School encourages a weekly session on Mathletics. If children are on long enough to earn 1000+ points each week then their certificates will accumulate so that they achieve bronze, then silver and gold.