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Parents & carers will be notified by text message if there are any changes to the dates below.

Club Lead by Day Time Suitable for  
Kickstart Club Jameel & Jake Monday  12.30-13.00 KS1
Kickstart Club Jameel & Jake Monday  15.15-16.00 KS2
Quiet Reading  Mrs Appleyard Monday  12.30-13.00 All
Dance Club Mrs Marden Tuesday 12.30-13.00 All
Board Games Miss Whhyte Wednesday  12.30-13.00 All
Five Star Sports Mr Redshaw Wednesday  15.15-16.00 Y1-Y6
Spanish Miss Kelham Thursday 12.30-13..00 All
Maths Club Mrs Tait Thursday  12.30-13.00 All
Choir Mrs Barnett Friday  12.30-13.00 All


 Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ Out of School Club: Robins

Robins is our out of school club which is run by the school itself. Staff are employed by the school and policies and practice are determined by the school, in line with statutory and non-statutory guidance. Our aim is to provide a fun, happy and relaxed environment for children before and after school, in which they can engage with a range of activities including having some choice over how they spend their time in club.


Anne Jones – Play Leader

Denise Budd – Play Worker

Gaia Santoro – Play Worker

Contact number:

The mobile number for Robins is: 07756065982. You can call, or send a text to this number. If you are unable to reach a Robins’ member of staff, you can ring school and office staff will pass on a message or ask Robins’ staff to call you.

Session Times and Charges:

Before school: 8.00am - 8.50am £4.00 per session/£20.00 per week (including breakfast)

After school: 3.15pm – 6.00pm £12 per session/£60 per week

After-school light meal: £2.00 per meal/£10.00 per week *

* This is the cost in Autumn 2021. There may be a small rise at the start of the next academic year, in which case parents will be informed.

Drop off and Collection

Childcare is only available within the hours stated. Please do not drop off before 8am and ensure your child is collected by 6pm in the evening. Staff are not paid beyond 6pm and therefore it is courteous not to expect an extension of childcare hours.

Please note that there is a late charge when parents/carers arrive at club after 6pm. The charge of £10 per family will be consistently applied in the interests of fairness towards all users of the club. Where incurred, this charge will be added to the next bill.

Training Days and School Holidays

We do not provide childcare in the school holidays or on training days.


Registering your child with Robins requires you to complete a registration form and pay a one-off fee of £5. Please ask the Play Leader, Anne Jones – for a form.


Breakfast is provided in the mornings, which usually consists of a cold drink, cereal and toast, sometimes fruit too. A light, two-course meal is provided after school at an additional cost of £2.00 (see above). Alternatively, your child may bring his/her own snack to after-school club.


Bookings are considered permanent arrangements and sessions need to be paid for even if your child is absent from school or you decide not to use your booked session(s). However, a bookings sheet is sent to you monthly, so that you can advise club of:

any teas which are not required (you will not be charged for these),

any additional sessions or teas you wish to request (the cost will be included in the next bill).

If you wish to reduce or cancel your permanent booking with Robins, 20 school days’ notice must be given (‘school days’ does not included weekends, school holidays, bank holidays, or training days). This applies during the school year and at the end of the school year when making bookings for the start of the new school year in September.

If your child is absent from school or your child does not attend sessions you have booked for any other reason, you will still be charged for the session. If you inform us of the absence before 9am on the day of the booked afternoon session, it will be possible to cancel provision of tea and you will not be charged for this meal.

Payment of Fees

Invoices are sent out at the beginning of the month for sessions booked for that month and payment is expected by a given date – usually the 20th of the month. Prompt payment is very much appreciated to ensure efficient use of administration time in school. A late payment fee of £10 is charged for payment received beyond the stipulated payment date; this applies to all forms of payment - cash, cheque or childcare vouchers. Where incurred, this charge will be added to the next bill. We will contact you to remind you if fees are overdue or remain unpaid. In the case of financial hardship, please contact school at the earliest opportunity to discuss the matter so that we can work with you in a confidential and supportive manner.

Childcare Vouchers

School needs to register with childcare voucher providers. If you wish to pay by vouchers, please could you inform the Play leader, Anne Jones, of the name of the company which provides your vouchers. Below is information you may be required to give to your childcare voucher provider. Please note that the school, not Robins, is the official childcare provider.

Childcare Provider:

Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ CE VA Primary School,

Dowkell Lane, Thorp Arch, Wetherby,

West Yorkshire, LS23 7AQ

School’s OFSTED no:


Payments to go to:

Leeds City Council

Account number 00000000

Sort Code 57/12/72

Lady Hastings’ Extended

School’s acc ref: 10/150 (This is important so that money paid within Leeds City

Council’s account is actually allocated to our school).

Child’s name: School needs to be able to match payment with your child’s name.

Cheques should be made payable to Leeds City Council.

Casual Bookings

If your child is registered with Robins but you do not have any permanent sessions booked, and you require an occasional booking, please contact Anne Jones to request a session and to find out about availability. You may book the session up to ten school days in advance. You will be expected to pay for the booking by the end of the week in which your child attends for the session(s).

If you wish to use the club for an occasional session but are not registered, you would need to complete a registration form in advance. In an emergency, where a child cannot be collected, and a parent wishes to use the club, this can be arranged, as long as there is a space and the parent completes a registration form following pick-up. The parent will be charged for the session and the registration fee.


Although the atmosphere at club is more relaxed than during the school day, we do expect children to behave as well as they would do in class. We expect pupils to treat staff, other pupils and resources with respect. Should a child’s behaviour be unacceptable, a member of Robins’ staff would discuss this with the child’s parents or carers. We would want to work in partnership with parents and carers in supporting the child in behaving well.


It is essential that staff at Robins know who is collecting your child. You must inform staff if someone else is collecting your child. A child will not be released into the care of a person you have not authorised to collect your child, even if the person is known to the school.

If you have any further questions please contact the Play Leader, Anne Jones, or the school office.

We look forward to welcoming new pupils into Robins.

Mrs H Dunn                                              Mrs A Jones

Headteacher                                             Play Leader