"Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path."
(Psalm 119.v105)

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Class 4

Welcome to our webpage for 2017/18.  Here you can find out about what we are learning and some of the activities we are enjoying in school.  If you would like us to see our archived Class 4 page for 2016/17, please click HERE

Mystery at Magpie Manor

Well done to all the children in Class 4 and KS2 for two incredible performances of 'Mystery at Magpie Manor'! 

So you see the future is just beginning, 

Who knows what tomorrow may have in store,

What we know is all of us here,

Want to hear you give a big cheer,

Altogether we'll make the twenties roar!

RAF 100

2018 is the centenary of the RAF and to coincide with commemorations in London, Class 4 spent some time learning about the history and development of the RAF over the past 100 years. This culminated in watching the impressive flypast live from London and making our own paper Spitfires, Hurricanes or Red Arrows!

Per Ardu Ad Astra ~ Through Adversity to the Stars



Thursday is Election Day!

On Thursday 5 July, every child in every class voted to what the theme title would be for a 'space' theme in Summer 1 next year. The options were: ‘The final frontier’, ‘In a galaxy far, far away…’, ‘3,2,1 Blast Off!’, ‘To the Moon and Back’ and ‘One small step, one giant leap’. 


Placed on the stage, was a big ballet box and everyone made their decision and folded their vote. It was the children’s choice because they wanted their say. (No adults were allowed to vote.) What will win?

Big Play Ukulele Concert at Leeds Town Hall

On Tuesday 19 June, we travelled on a coach to Leeds Town Hall to perform in the 'Big Play' Concert. We spent the morning rehearsing and then, after lunch, we listened to the other instruments before it was our turn to play. With about one hundred other children, we played four songs: Rock Around the ClockI'm a BelieverIn the Jungle and She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain. Once we had finished, we received a huge round of applause from the audience. After that, we collected all our belongings and came back to school on the coach. It was a very tiring, but great day!

12 June 2018: Maths Adventure Day

We had a fantastic morning full of puzzles and problem solving in a race against time to prevent the Robotrons from zapping school! Working in teams we had to apply our knowledge of shape, position, coordinates and number facts to crack the code. Take a look at our adventures below...

June 2018: The Magic of Libraries

On Tuesday 5 June, Class 4 visited the British Library at Boston Spa. Having walked there, we were then taken on a tour of the site including seeing the robotic cranes at work in the low oxygen building, learning about PLR (Public Lending Rights) and seeing a glimpse of the colossal amount of books which are stored there - up to 8000 new publications are added to the collection each week! We also learned about the job of a curator and saw some of the items linked to the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition. After lunch, we enjoyed a talk from local author Tom Palmer. He hosted a reading quiz which culminated in a penalty shoot out that Finn won! It was a great visit and we had a super day.

Summer 2 2018: Ten Pieces Encore!

This half term we will be listening to and learning about the BBC's Ten Pieces, including Aaron Copeland's Hoe Down! 

Hoe-Down by Aaron Copland: The full performance, Ten Pieces - BBC - CBBC

Watch the full performance of Copland's piece by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.


As part of our science work, we have also been looking at the life cycles of different animals - birds, mammals, amphibians and insects. Five Painted Lady caterpillars have now taken up residence in our classroom and are growing by the day - it won't be long before they start to form their chrysalises and begun the process of metamorphosis... and they have finally emerged into beautiful butterflies! (We set them free into the wildlife garden last week.)

D&T: Picnic Slices


On Tuesday, we - along with the Year 5 children from Class 5 - adapted and followed a recipe for a picnic slice.  Once we had rolled out the puff pastry, added some toppings and Carole, Fiona and Gaia had very kindly cooked them, we designed some packaging for our products. Eventually, in the afternoon sunshine, we had a picnic and tasted them - they were delicious! Our evaluations were very positive, although there would be some changes if we made them again. Hopefully you had a taste of the slices that made it home!


Inspired by some of the sculptures we spotted at Harlow Carr, we have been designing and developing our ideas for plant-like sculptures made out of paper. First we practising our skills of working with paper. Then we made a prototype before finally creating our finished masterpieces - don't they look great!

Trip to Harlow Carr, Harrogate

On Friday 11 May, Class 4 went to Harlow Carr. We had a very hands-on workshop with Jill and became plant hunters - like Carl Linneaus. We learned about the Latin names of plants and hunted for three different species of oak tree (Genus: Quercus). We also looked at the different adaptations of plants in the Alpine House before having lunch with Class 1 and then exploring the gardens - and the playgrounds in the afternoon. It was definitely worth waiting for better weather than our original planned date in March! Thank you to Mrs Scott, Mrs Ritson, Mrs McCune, Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Hill for coming with us too.


April - May 2018: Plants

In science this half term we have been learning about plants. We have started growing some as well to prove that you can grow a new plant from other parts, not just a seed. Our willow stem, runner bean seeds and potato tubers have all sprouted leaves but it is hard to tell if the leaves from the money plant have started growing roots or not. We had great fun planting these and have enjoyed watching them start to grow.

May 2018: Skipping Competition

Last Wednesday, Class 4 went to Boston Spa School to take part in the annual Skipping School Competition. It was a great morning, jam packed with skipping! We had loads of fun and came a very respectable second overall; we won lots of awards including GOLD in the skipdance! 

Summer 2 2018: Out and About

We have a very busy half term ahead of us and we will be out and about quite a lot! 

Leeds Rhinos Street Dance

With Nic the dance coach, we choreographed and learned a lengthy street dance routine. We learned small sequences which we then put together in different orders and positions. It was great! #leedsrhinos #streetdance #class4 #rhinosstyle 

Friday 23 March: Indoor Garden Party

We had a wonderfully successful - and sunny - afternoon at our Indoor Garden Party and raised a whopping amount of money! Thanks to everyone who helped the afternoon go so well. We had loads of fun working in our houses: playing games; creating paper flowers; selling our products; and spending our money! Our stall was bright and colourful and jam-packed with our jam jar lanterns, painted pebbles and pots and minibeast magnets - as well as the quiz. 

Harry Potter and the British Library

On Friday 16 March, we received a wizardly gift from Steph and the team at the British Library down the road. They have donated nine display panels from their History of Magic exhibition - copies of items in the sold out London show which is now moving to New York. Our avid Harry Potter fans (including the staff) are very excited at the prospect of having our very own Harry Potter exhibition in school - thanks Steph and everyone at the British Library at Boston Spa!

Spring 2 2018: Make a Difference

Much of our learning this half term is going to be about making a difference. This will include: getting better at proof reading to make a difference to our writing; learning about teeth and digestion which make a difference to our body; considering how Jesus has made a difference to the lives of Christians; finding out about events and developments in history that have made a difference to our lives today; and learning number bonds and times tables to help when working with fractions and decimals. (To help with this, use Mathletics, Topmarks and Hit the Button: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button) 

Image result for the secret garden

We will also be thinking about the difference a garden can make - and the difference we can make to a garden too. (The wildlife garden at the bottom of the field in particular!) Check back here in a few weeks time to see how we hope to do this... We will be reading Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic story from 1911, The Secret Garden  as well as looking at some famous poems, including William Wordsworth's I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Spring 1 2018: Connect Up

Happy New Year! This half term we will be learning about different ways of connecting things and ideas. We have already been puzzling over some 'connecting walls' (from the TV Quiz Show 'Only Connect'), working on letter writing and learning about pilgrimages as a way of connecting with special places.

In art, we have been creating some geometric patterns by printing with paint. We used at least two different objects to print with and at least two colours which had to overlap. Have a look at our great designs!

Merry Christmas!

Friday 1 December: Class 4's Worship

Congratulations on a fantastic class worship last week! Written by the pupils and delivered with clear voices and enthusiasm, we shared  all our learning from this half term: E for En Francais, N for Navigation, O for Observing Over Time, R for Rockets, W for 'War of the Worlds', D for Dance and I for Incarnation - I WONDER! 

Below are a couple of videos we shared - of our coding work using Scratch and our dance inspired by the music of Jeff Wayne and HG Wells' science fiction story.

The Eve of the War - Part 1

The Eve of the War - Part 2

KS2 Visit to Magna Science Adventure Park

Along with Class 3 and Class 5, we visited Magna Science Adventure Park in Rotherham.  We had a great day exploring the four zones - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - and taking part in a workshop on 'Stars and Planets. (The playground was also really fun!)

Autumn 2 2017: I Wonder...?

On Tuesday 7 November, we had a visit from Louise and Namrah from the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds to undertake a 'Mighty Mix Up'! We had a great morning creating mixtures, solutions and emulsions - including trying to make our own vanilla ice cream!

We have started reading H.G.Wells' The War of the Worlds and we have listened to some extracts from the musical version and Orson Welles' radio broadcast. Here are some of our artworks inspired by the musical track.

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one he said. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, but still they come!

Autumn 1 2017: The Big Story


We have begun studying the 'Big Story of the Bible',  learning how to use Bible references, as well as looking at the illustrations in some Bibles.  We have drawn our own pictures to accompany some well-known Bible stories