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Friday 27th March

During this challenging time, it is important to all of us at LEH that we stay connected to our school community.  With this in mind, please keep in touch with us by letting us know how you and your family are getting on. You can do so by using the school email address-secretary@thorparch-leh.co.uk. Perhaps, your child could share with us some of their recommended books they have been reading. Alternatively, maybe, you could share some photos of what your children have been cooking, drawing or learning! We would be especially keen to see any photos of your children taking part in “PE with Joe” which has become an essential part of every day for lots of children nationwide.

Finally, throughout this week, we have received many kind messages of support and thanks. As always, the staff at LEH have demonstrated their usual dedication and professionalism from the outset. They are an amazing team and I am very privileged to work alongside them. Well done everyone and thank you for all of your hard work!

Although, this is a challenging time and an unprecedented situation for everyone in our school community.  Please be assured that although we are closed, we have not abandoned you.  Hopefully, our school website and text messaging service will help us to stay in touch and support each other.  Finally, I want to thank you all for your patience and support this week. I wish you all the very best of health and good luck with all of the learning that you are supporting at home. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

LEH School News

Letter to Parents 25th March 2020

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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

In normal circumstances, a day off school would feel like a ‘snow day’ or an unexpected holiday. However, all of us now recognise that this current situation is more serious and may be longer-term.

Given that we recognise that we could be in these circumstances for a while, it will be important for your child’s wellbeing and education to have some structure and routines in their day.

Below we have listed some ideas to help you devise a timetable. You could use our home learning suggestions to help you create a schedule of learning activities for your child.


  • Firstly, it may be helpful to begin by agreeing timings for each activity with your child.
  • Perhaps your child could start the day at 9am with a live PE session from Joe Wicks (Monday to Friday).
  • Your child could then do a few of the home learning challenges on the school website set by the class teacher with a short break in between.
  • Most younger children learn phonics daily. RWI Phonics lessons are available at home from Monday 23rd March. Ruth Miskin is scheduling free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; these comprise of three short Speed Sound lessons with one of the Ruth Miskin’s trainers every day for the next two weeks. Films will only be available at the times below:
    Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
    Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
    Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm
    Note: films are streamed live and won't be available at other times.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 could practise spellings in this time, too, looking back at previous lists.
  • A mindfulness session mid-morning might be a good idea, or another workout session – Jump Start Jonny features both on an easy to use website.
  • Following this activity, perhaps your child has a go at learning a language such as French, or Spanish using Duolingo
  • The third home learning challenge could come straight after lunch.
  • This could be some silent reading – either independently or listening to an audiobook. (Audible has free access at the moment.)
  • Maybe in the afternoon, they could do another workout – one of his High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts specifically designed for children – or some iMoves that are linked to Maths and English.
  • Finally, remember to dedicate some time each day for times tables or number bonds practice (e.g. 8+2=10 and 2+8=10, 18+2 and 2+18, 80+20 and 20+80), or handwriting practice.)

Finally, in all this, we know that your child may be confused and anxious. It is important that children have some sort of understanding of what is happening in their world at the moment and some resources from the website Ineqe might be a helpful place to start.

We hope that these ideas are useful for you and your children and we will continue to ensure that all class pages on the school website are regularly updated weekly to support your child’s learning.

Thank you to those who have submitted your forms with regard to Key Worker child care provision. Please remember that if either your circumstances change and you require additional care or you do not need it on any given day, that you let us know on the secretary email address so that we can accommodate your requests.

Please bear in mind that as parents, you decide what you do with your children. You teach them to cook, garden and be creative. The most important thing is enjoying time together. We will be here to continue teaching and learning with your children once we are all back together again. We are here to support you and all of us at LEH are always happy to assist and help you in any way we can.


Yours Sincerely,

Michele O’Donnell (Headteacher)

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World Book Day

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School Council

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This week, our pupil council met with Mrs. Meeson, our Chair of Governors.
Mrs. Meeson told the school council all about her family and her new puppy! The school Council told Mrs. Meeson all about our Peace Garden plans and invited her to come to the garden's official "opening" when it is completed in April.

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Mrs Firth

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Today was Mrs. Firth's last day at LEH. We thanked her for all of her hard work during her time at our school.The staff and children presented her with gifts, flowers and a balloon! Thank you Mrs. Firth for your dedication and commitment to LEH. We will all miss you.

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