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Class 1



Home learning activities are all on Microsoft Teams for Year 1 or Tapestry for Reception. 


If you have any problems logging in to either of these platforms please email class1@thorparch-leh.co.uk 


Hello Class 1!

I hope you have all had a good Easter and not eaten too many Easter eggs. I have added some new home learning below for the next week.  As a school, we are moving to Microsoft Teams, which will allow me to share learning with you and for you to share your work with me. This is for YEAR 1 only as RECEPTION are using Tapestry in the same way. 

Have you got your login details for Microsoft Teams?  

We are moving to using Microsoft Teams to allow children to keep in touch with their teachers and to share the work that they have done.  


Email class1@thorparch-leh.co.uk and your login details will be sent to you.  Also, use this email address if you have any questions about using Microsoft Teams. 


Please use the link below to access a booklet of activities that your child can work through, with your support, over the course of a few weeks. It has been produced by Talk4Writing, a scheme we use in school to support the learning of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Maybe one activity a day or over a few days would be appropriate. 


YEAR 1 Sydney Spider 


RECEPTION Mavis the Magical Cat 




YEAR 1 - Please use the small step guidance to support your child to learn about multiplication and Division

RECEPTION - Please use the small step guidance to support your child to learn about shapes and pattern. 



Please keep using Mathletics. I will add set tasks but you can still use everything else. I would be good for children to revisit areas that have already had a go at once or twice. If you have any problems with login details please email me on class1@thorparch-leh.co.uk and I will send your details over. All children have login details 

 RECEPTION shape and pattern.docxDownload
 YEAR 1 Multiplication and Division.pdfDownload
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Year 1s can also keep up their KIRFs to keep them ticking over. It would make sense to practice these daily and introduce a weekly test at home. Begin using addition and subtraction within 10 and use addition and subtraction within 20 once your child is confident.

 addition and subtraction within 10.docxDownload
 addition and subtraction within 20.docxDownload
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Science - Seasonal change. 

It would be great if the children could learn about the 4 seasons of the year. Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter 

  1. Name the 4 seasons
  2. order the 4 seasons
  3. Say the key features of each season - weather

Activity ideas

  1. Label the 4 seasons and ask your child to put some clothing ideas from around the house that would match each season
  2. Write a list of activities you could do during each season
  3. Create a 4 season poster with pictures relating to each season 
  4. Look through some of your child's favourite picture books and try and spot what season it is. 
  5. You could match the months of the year to which seasons they are in.   
 Seasons matching activity.pdfDownload
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Map Skills 

Being at home would be a great opportunity for children to learn to draw and follow simple maps.  Talk about important features in your house and any outside space you have. They could have a go at drawing a map that you could follow. Maybe you could draw a map for them to follow. If you go for a walk, talk about the key landmarks/features you see when you go for a walk - trees/benches/houses etc and then maybe draw a map once you are home. 

YEAR 1 - you could try and add some map symbols to one of your maps. 




Please remember you have tapestry. I will have access to tapestry and would love to see what you are all up to. I will do my best to comment and reply to any tapestry additions during school hours. 



 03.04.20 - Oxford Owl website has reading books that are phonetically decodable if you would like some books your child can read. Please use the login details below. 


 Use the My Class Login button. 

 The username is class1leh

The password is leh123

Please read as much as you can either to your child or with your child. Talk about the stories, act them out with made up characters and talk about what could happen next. 


27.03.20 Reading Journals

I have found some reading activities that you could use alongside any books you have in your home. 




These daily phonics lessons are fabulous and a little and often is great when learning to read. 

Reception are revising set 2 sounds and learning set 3.

Year 1 are revising and learning set 3

Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ?safe=true 


Keeping up to date with children's phonics skills by helping them find partners in words and blending the sounds to read the whole word. 




www.phonicsplay.co.uk   for free access use username - march20   password - home

https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/ for free access sign up as a family. Each year group has phonics games to play. 




03.04.20                  EASTER DIARY

Write an Easter diary by writing about your day and drawing pictures to match. This could be one sentence or multiple sentences.  Reception - Your challenge is to make sure you can read your writing on your own.  Year 1 - Try and use the conjunctions 'and, but, so' to join two sentences together.

For example 

I did Joe Wicks PE and  I played in the garden. 

I baked some cakes so we could have them after tea. 

We played a game but my dog ate one of the pieces! 



This half term we have been learning about David Attenborough and in English we have been learning to write facts to write our own fact book. Research facts about David Attenborough and create a fact book with factual sentences that have correct punctuation  - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces. Maybe you could include some questions too.  


27.03.20 Creating sentences

Use this picture to write a variety of sentences which must have correct punctuation - capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Encourage your child to write on the line and to keep their letter size consistent. 



Please revisit previous spellings or see the Year 1 Statutory spelling list from the National Curriculum. 



MATHLETICS - everyone has a login and I can assign more tasks if you run out. Please use this resource to support your child's maths learning. 


This half terms KIRF is doubling and halving, so please keep learning these facts. You could revisit our previous KIRF challenges of number bonds to 10, number bonds to 20, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 



03.04.20   TIME

Please continue learning how to tell the time, have a go at drawing clock faces and remember to draw a long and short hand. 

The children in Year 1 were going to begin to learn to tell the time. Please see the document below that demonstrates the steps the children need to learn in order to tell the time. The planning has some activities you could try at home. Time is best done a little bit but often and talking about the time throughout the whole day. 



03.04.20  Subtraction

It would be good if you could use the activities below but focus on taking away (subtraction) within 10.  

The children in Reception have been learning to add two groups by counting on from the biggest amount, whilst also learning number bonds facts to 10 off by heart. We have used the Hit The Button game for this in school. Please see the document below for ideas and suggestions on how to support your child with their maths learning. 


White Rose Maths Hub is producing a series of home learning resources which include a short video and a set of focused questions based on the area of learning for the day.  Some areas will have been covered by the children, which gives them chance to consolidate previous learning, but others may be new and the videos will be especially helpful for this.  

Each week will see a new set of videos and work activities released.  There is more guidance on the White Rose Maths hub home learning.  

We would like children to select the from the resources provided for their year group.  However, if your child finds this too difficult, it is perfectly fine for children to select from an earlier year group where possible.  

We follow the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work in school so the children will be familiar with the layout and style of the problems.  


Mathletics - complete the tasks made available and then use the free play options.  More tasks will become available if the closure of the school extends over a longer period.


https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/  White Rose Maths is the maths we follow at LEH. They have provided lessons and activities suitable for each year group. This is all free. 


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ This website has lots of games that cover a wide range of the curriculum. 



03.04.20 SEASONS

The children need to learn the names of the four seasons and recognise what happens during each season as well as the order of the seasons. 

          BBC BITESIZE - here are videos suitable for Reception and Year 1 about seasons. 


        STEM - this wesbite has some fun activities and resources you can do with your child. 



This half term the children have be learning how to classify animals into groups. Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.  

It would be great if the children could now learn how to classify animals by what they eat.  You could use toy animals you have or search for different animals on the internet to sort into these groups. 


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z6882hv This website has some videos the children can watch. 



03.04.20    Important people in History

The children have found out about how important David Attenborough is for our climate and animals. Can they find out about anyone who has been an important person in History? Follow the link to choose someone to learn about 




Rainbows seem to be a lovely positive sign for children this week. Make a rainbow with anything you have in your house. Use outdoor things or tins from your cupboards. Teach children the names of the colours and the order the colours are in a rainbow. 



Keep fit and busy with Joe Wicks- The Body Coach and BBC Supermovers