"Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path."
(Psalm 119.v105)

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Class 3

Friday 12th February

Class 3
What an amazing journey we have been on together! It has been so good to get to know children and parents of Class 3. Thank you for your support and putting up with my mistakes on uploading assignments and participating in TEAMS meetings! You have all been so courteous, polite and patient. We have all made it to half term and I could not have done it without you! It has been uplifting to see snow days, craft projects, dens and lots of smiles. I wish you all a restful half term and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the playground when we can get back to “normal!” Mrs Tait will begin the transition of taking over Class 3 after half term and we will be liaising, so the transition is smooth for you all. Have a good rest! We all deserve it!

Remote Learning Week Beginning Monday 8th February


It has been an absolute delight to get to know the children in Year 3.  I have been so impressed with their work ethic and drive to complete work to the best of their ability.  Again, I would like to mention, the success of Childrens Mental Health Awareness Week and how the children have found different ways to relax and express themselves.  There was music, art and plenty of reading happening this week!  So great to see!  I am hoping the Kindness Calendar's will be a success too, because we know when we do things for others and ourselves, it makes us feel good.  For English, we continue with persuasive writing and Statistics is our math's focus.  In RE, we continue our journey of discovery about Sikhism and we begin a new Science topic based on light.  Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Remote Learning Week Beginning Monday 1st February 


Well, it has been a pleasure communicating with you all and getting to know Year 3.  I am determined that when this is all over, I am going to arrange to meet Y3 officially in school and have a little celebration with them all!  That will be something to look forward to.  The learning in English takes a new turn this week as we move to Persuasive Writing and it will be based upon the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers.  If you don't know it, I would really recommend it! 

Money, Money, Money for Maths and this week we will be focusing on PHSE as we celebrate Children's Mental Health week based on the theme, Express Yourself!  We continue with our RE based on Sikhism.  Enjoy your weekend!

Remote Learning Week Beginning Monday 26th January


Again another week has flown by.  I would just like to thank Class 3 for their support and kindness this week.  It has been lovely to see work assignments and to get to know your children a little better.  Class 3 have all been working on instructions for English and I have seen some very entertaining and amusing sentences this week that have really made me smile.  Both year groups for maths will be focusing on subtraction.  The class will complete their geography lessons and then science lessons will begin, which will be all about Materials.  For RE the lessons on Sikhism will continue.  Keep going everyone, we can do this together!