"Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path."
(Psalm 119.v105)

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Class 5

Hello and welcome to the Class 5 remote learning page.  


We use Microsoft Teams to share the details of each lesson but this will give you an overview of the learning that is taking place.  


As well as all of these daily lessons, there is the opportunity to practise maths skills on Mathletics and TT Rockstars.  Don't forget to keep reading for pleasure and enjoyment.  If you are having trouble choosing a book or getting hold of the book you want to read, you can send a message on Teams.  


Week beginning 8th February



We are starting a unit of work on non-chronological reports.  We will examine the features of these types of texts, practise some particular sentence writing skills such as using colons and then gather information for our text about pandas.  Once this is done we will write a couple of the sections of the report before the end of the week  


Y6s are continuing their work on algebra while Y5s finish the unit of work on statistics.  


Two lessons this week:

1.  What are the five kingdoms of living creatures?

2.  Which creatures lived in each era of the earth's history?  

PE is another selection of workout videos for you to complete at home.  

RE work focuses on learning about Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam.  

In art we will complete the next section of our pop art project board.  

There will also be two reading comprehension tasks for Year 5s and Year 6s to complete through the week. 



Week beginning 1st February


All children will be working on persuasive writing in our spy gadget unit of work.  There will also be reading comprehension activities to the children to complete.  
In maths, Year 6 children will be starting a unit on algebra while the Year 5s are focusing on statistics.  
The RE will be focused on the fourth pillar of Islam, sawm (fasting).
In science, the children will be starting a unit of work about evolution and inheritance  

PE will be another set of physical activity challenges that can be completed in the home.  

The art lesson will focus on the next part of the pop art project boards where the children will recreate a variety of pop art styles within one piece of work.  



Week beginning 25th January


In maths we will be concluding our work on fractions with the last few lessons on the topic followed by a review of the main ideas.  
In English, children will continue to work on narrative writing using film clips as a stimulus. There will also be reading comprehension work through the week.  
Science work will focus on how changing elements of a circuit such as the number of cells can change the brightness of bulb and why this happens.  They will also learn about series and parallel circuits.  
In RE they will learn about the third pillar of Islam and in art we they will continue to work on their pop art project.  
PE will be a series of workouts that can be completed at home, similar to the activities used in previous weeks.