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Admissions Consultation

  • In preparing this draft policy for consultation, we have updated the previous policy in light of guidance from the Local Authority and the Diocese, including to reflect the requirements in the revised statutory School Admissions Code.
  • In terms of the criteria that will apply to offering a place where there are more applicants than places available, by way of a summary, we have made:
  1. Updates to criteria 1 to reflect the requirements in the revised statutory School Admissions Code;
  2. Changes to criteria 2 so that the relevant test is whether the exceptional social or medical needs make the school the most suitable school for the child, with suitable evidence needing to be provided;
  3. Reduction to the number of faith based oversubscription criteria, so that the only faith based criteria included is “Children living outside the Priority Area who regularly and frequently worship, or whose parent(s)/carer(s) regularly and frequently worship, at a Christian place of worship”
  4. Changes to criteria 5 to bring the definition of Christian place of worship in line with the updated Diocesan guidance.


You can response by emailing us at office@thorparch-leh.co.uk or sending a letter addressed to Headteacher at Lady Elizabeth Hastings' CE VA Primary School, Dowkell Lane, Thorp Arch, Wetherby LS23 7AQ and the closing date for sending us your comments is 19th January 2022. 


2023 Admissions Policy