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Lady Elizabeth Hastings' CE VA Primary School

Statutory Information

Welcome to Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE VA Primary School. 

To find the statutory information that must be included on our website (as stated by the DFE), please click on the bold sub heading and you will be taken to the page that contains the relevant information.


Contact Information

You must publish

  • your school’s name
  • your school’s postal address
  • your school’s telephone number
  • the name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public

Admissions Arrangements

As a VA school, the Governing Board is the admitting authority

Ofsted Reports

You must publish either:

  • a copy of your school’s most recent Ofsted report
  • a link to the report on the Ofsted website

School Opening Hours

  • EYFS, KS1, KS2 - 8.50am to 3.20pm

School uniforms

The department produces statutory guidance on thcost of school uniforms. Schools must have regard to this guidance when developing and implementing their school uniform policy. This guidance requires schools to publish their uniform policy on their website.

The published uniform policy should be easy to understand and, where a school has a school uniform, should:

  • clearly state whether an item is optional or required
  • make clear if the item will only be worn at certain times of the year (for example, if it’s summer or winter uniform)
  • make clear whether a generic item will be accepted or if a branded item is required
  • make clear whether an item can only be purchased from a specific retailer or if it can be purchased more widely, including from second-hand retailers

Pupil Premium

You must publish a strategy for the school’s use of the pupil premium.

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

You must publish:

  • how much funding you received
  • a full breakdown of how you’ve spent the funding or will spend the funding
  • the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
  • how you’ll make sure these improvements are sustainable

Behaviour policy

Details of the school’s behaviour policy, including their anti-bullying strategy.

Performance measures website

You should include a link to the school and college performance measures website and your school performance measures page.

Public sector equality duty

The Equality Act 2010: advice for schools provides information as to how your school can demonstrate compliance with the public sector equality duty. Including:

  • details of how your school complies with thpublic sector equality duty - you must update this every year
  • your school’s equality objectives - you must update this at least once every 4 years

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Schools must publish an information report on the website about the implementation of the school’s policy for pupils with SEN. Schools should update the report at least annually.

Complaints procedure

You must publish details of your school’s complaints procedure, which must comply with section 29 of the Education Act 2002.

Governors’ information and duties

You must publish information on the governing body in line with statutory guidance on the constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools.

Financial information

You must publish:

  • how many school employees (if any) have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000 - we recommend using a table to display this
  • a link to the webpage which is dedicated to your school on the schools financial benchmarking service - follow the prompts to find your school’s specific page.

Charging and remissions policies

You must publish your school’s charging and remissions policies (this means when you cancel fees). The policies must include details of:

  • the activities or cases where your school will charge pupils’ parents
  • the circumstances where your school will make an exception on a payment you would normally expect to receive under your charging policy

Values and ethos

The website should include a statement of your school’s ethos and values.